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How to shine your light at work

I’ve been having some more life lessons over the last few weeks and most of all remember who I am and what I am here for.  I am sorry to report, there is no grand save the world plans in there, there is no going to be an instant millionaire, there is no going to have the amazing husband and 2 children and the house with the white picket fence in there.  It is just simply to enlighten and to BE the light that I am and to shine this brighter and brighter and brighter.  What I then DO for a living is my choice, however I do it from a place of light and oneness and I will make the choice for something that helps me feel light and is joyful for me.


So how does this translate into practicality for the workplace or business?  I know we all have off days, we don’t always feel like going to work, we have “stuff” going on at home and we cant put it out of our minds while we are at work, then some work situations are challenging, the boss could be bullying you, colleagues could be bitching about you, staffing levels are not correct and there is too much to do and not enough time, people are moaning and complaining about how terrible it is and you find yourself joining in.  You could have secret aspirations yet you prefer to hide rather than stand out and maybe get shot down.

I know from my own experience, it is not healthy to deny how we are feeling whether that is positive or negative, it is accepting duality that we have both and not be attached to either.  It is at the point of balance and harmony between these two that we can begin to connect with the truth of who we are and our light.

It is as we connect with this light more and more and we learn to anchor this light into the world, so we embody it, we live it, we become it here on the earth.  It is not something we talk about, it is not something that we can explain in concepts yet we never show the world how we do it ourselves and what this means for us.

How does this apply practically

  1.  Do you really need to engage in bitching about others?  Can you say nothing and just breathe in and remember you are the light and send this to others.  You are joining in with an energy that is negative and dimming your light.
  2. Do you need to compare yourself to others thinking they are better, know more and secretly want them to fail as you know your so much better.  In your own light, know that you are amazing and if you know you are capable of more, then take positive action steps to achieve it.  Again, you are going outwards not inwards and it is within you that your answers lie.
  3. Have awareness of yourself and what you project onto others.  To summarise, we can often project our feelings, our insecurities, our need to defend onto others.  We can give away our power and control and say its all their fault, I had no choice.  This is not great to be on the receiving end of and it may feel good for 5 minutes to bitch or to shout someone down, but long term it weakens us energetically.  If you are uncomfortable, or angry, or upset, sit with this feeling and see what the learning is for you.  Have awareness that this discomfort is within you.  All too often, we move away or dissipate pain as we see it as bad.  Yet there are messages and blessings in there that help us to reach that light within.
  4. Recognise that others project onto you.  Especially if you are a sensitive soul, others can easily project all their stuff onto you and you will blame yourself, criticise yourself, get defensive and go into the drama, or hide away.  Remember with awareness, know what is your “stuff” to deal with and what is someone elses.  If it is not yours, do not take it on.  Let it go and shine your light.
  5. Remember the lighter you become others can feel threatened around you i.e what if she gets that job, the boss likes her more, she gets more praise.  It is amazing what can happen.  Keep shining that light though, you are doing an utter disservice to yourself and others by cowering down so that others feel OK to be around you.  Stand in your power and this will allow others to stand in theirs.
  6. Have awareness of when you are getting sucked into the chaos and into your head rather than remaining in your centre with your light on.  You will know the difference over time and you will also know that being centred gives others grounding to as well as you and from here you know what to do, which can sometimes be nothing.  It is amazing when you do nothing how things can magically unfold in ways you could never imagine.
  7. Whatever activities your undertake, whoever you engage with, do so from a centred place and put your light and positive energy into what you are doing.  Imagine making your cup of tea with love and blessing it, just experiment and see how much different it tastes.  Imagine, putting your light into that presentation and blessing it, see what a difference it makes to the energy that comes off it.  We maybe smile more, encourage others, even just acknowledge others and a bit one – we listen instead of always wanting to get in our ten penneth.  A little note though, this does not mean that you have to tolerate unacceptable behaviour, sometimes shining your light means saying ouch that hurt, that is not acceptable, I will not partake in that etc.  It is from here that others can learn and grow too and that we can reclaim our power.

Give these tips a go and above all, shine your light and find out what this means for you.

Would love to know your feedback on how you find these tips or indeed how you shine your light and live in the “real” world.



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