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Working with the plant medicine Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a vine native to the Amazon, when mixed with the chacruna leaf, it helps create an altered state of consciousness which with correct use can help facilitate a healing process, be it mentally, physically or emotionally. During an Ayahuasca ceremony people may experience visions that open them up to facilitate their healing journey. While the visions may show our fears, past lives, stored emotions and traumas, the Ayahuasca can support us to release these through purging, guidance and wisdom.


Let me make it perfectly clear. Ayahuasca is NOT the latest party drug or cool hip thing to do. It is a Plant Medicine and works with each individual on a deep cellular level, giving that person what they need at that point in time. When worked with correctly, people can have deep transformational experiences healing addictions, depression, trauma, dis-EASE and many more. It is also here to support the current rise in consciousness that we are experiencing.

Working with the Plant Medicine Ayahuasca was never on my radar. Whilst I didn’t know much about the plant, when you put together the words Halucenogenic and plant it didn’t inspire me to want to try. However, the plant had different ideas and still called to me.

Following prompting from a trusted friend on more than one occasion, I agreed to research into Ayahuasca with a view to going to Peru to work with it.

That is when the journey began and what unfolded was beyond what I could have expected.

For me, why was I called? The answer I got after meditation was to open my heart, to connect with my gifts and ultimately to step into my power. However, to achieve this, I had to remove all the blocks. I had many and I was also resistant to letting them go or thinking I knew best. It meant I had a hard time with the plant medicine.   If I can give you one piece of advice, you will never be able to outsmart the vine and fighting is difficult and painful. Surrender!!

It was the most challenging thing I have ever done, on many levels, not just the plant medicine and the effects of purging (vomiting and diarrhoea) but also the conditions of the jungle, high humidity, basic living, basic eating, weight loss and being savaged by insects on an hourly basis. Mentally and emotionally, people around me would trigger me daily and given the intensity of the environment, I had no option but to face it or suffer.


What surprised me most was what I had stored within my body and that needed to be cleansed. Feelings of unworthiness, not good enough, hate, even love (not the unconditional variety), fear, loathing, shame, guilt. They all came up and out. Then there were all the hooks and energy that I had picked up from others, it turns out I was the dialysis machine for people who did not want to deal with their shit, they hooked into me and sent it in my direction, taking away all the feel good factor. Was it any surprise that I struggled to feel remotely happy, why I watched others seem to have it all and I was left in a mess? Then there were the demons, not sure how these got there, but lets say, my energetic boundaries were weak I was open to invasion, either that or self created monsters based on fear? They had to go too. Finally, the black magic that had been placed on me by an ex, creating a control mechanism and damage to my heart, this ensured that because he couldn’t have me then no other man could.

Following this cleansing, the insights I received were profound. I had a rebirth of the beautiful child I always was and had forgotten. I was shown myself in an awakened state and how important it was to remain this way and how others were suffering in the illusion and what my presence brought to each moment. I was given a huge amount of wisdom about the feminine and the importance of balancing my own divine masculine / feminine. I was shown how I have manipulated men in the past and how important it is for me to remain heart open, to love and also not to give out the wrong message particularly to men. They are too amazing and too delicate to be played with.

On leaving the jungle, I found that everyday becomes an Ayahuasca ceremony. We are challenged by people, places, triggered by traumas and fear. How we choose to handle these is what helps us to transform old thoughts, beliefs and patterns and step into our power, being the amazing beings that we are. More and more I get into my heart space and embrace the vulnerability yet beauty that unfolds from here. It is scary but my heart knows best and as I said earlier. Resistance is futile, I am only fighting myself.

This summarises things briefly.

If you are thinking about doing the plant medicine Ayahuasca, then do so for the right reasons, it helps raise consciousness on the planet, it helps heal and it helps you bring the authentic best version of you into this world.

Here are my tips for choosing where to go or who to work with:

Ayahuasca is becoming a tourist business now in Peru and across the world as its popularity has grown. This means that some are in it for the money more than the healing. There are stories of abuse, accidents, and even death has resulted. However, in my opinion this is not because of the plant, it is because of human intervention in the use of the plant. You are in a very vulnerable position when you take the medicine, you want to ensure that you are looked after.

STAY SAFE – do your research about who offers Ayahuasca ceremonies, if you know anyone that has been there before, what their experience was like, check out the Ayatripadvisor and see if you can get a review. Look at testimonials.

ASK QUESTIONS – How many people will be in your ceremony? How many shamans will be in leading your ceremony? What is the shamans experience and what is his lineage? How many people will be facilitating the ceremony and will they also be drinking the medicine? If there is an accident how far is the nearest medical facilities? What is mixed into the medicine? What type of ayahuasca is it? Where has the medicine come from? Is it from ethical sources? What diet or guidelines are recommended prior and post taking the medicine? What support is available post your ayahuasca experience?

YOUR MOTIVES – What is your motivation for taking the plant medicine? This is not for everyone, it is not the latest party drug or cool craze. It is there for healing. If this isn’t your motivation or you think you can have some quick fix or some spiritual bypass to enlightenment then you may want to reconsider working with the plant medicine.

ASK OTHERS – Get recommendations from those who have used the plant medicine, where they went and how they found the centre, shamans, staff etc.

USE YOUR INTUITION – I am very much about using your own intuition and making your own decisions that feel right for you.  What works for someone else may not be right for you.  So take some time to go inwards and feel if a centre, a shaman etc is right for you.  Make sure you set an intention to find a centre that will take care of you, ensure you have the best healing experience, keep you safe and support you.

If you are looking for help post Ayahuasca to integrate your experience and expand your true self, please contact me for a consultation.








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