Helen is a free spirited lover of love and life.  She has travelled all over the world, training in various therapies, with shamans in South and Central America and to top it all off, she is a hopeless romantic who wants everyone to be happy, joyful and live the best life possible.

Helen worked for years climbing the HR career ladder but left the corporate world to follow her heart and bring her own dreams to life, which led her all over the world and on an exciting yet scary journey of self discovery.  She trained in various holistic therapies and ran her own business using these skills for several years, working with people with learning difficulties, disabilities and cancer patients.

As with everything in life, change happens and despite having a successful therapy business she once again walked away to create a new business in the healing and personal development field.  This took her on an unexpected journey of self discovery, facing all her fears, not knowing if things would ever work out yet slowly and painfully she took the next step then the next one leading to where she is today.

Helen is a qualified life coach, NLP Master Practitioner, tai chi and qi gong teacher and Shamanic Energy Healer.  After her time in Peru working with the plant medicine Ayahuasca, she was guided to work with the Cacao plant and combine all her knowledge and skills to use the healing power and heart connection capacity of this sacred plant.

Helen brings ancient wisdom back to modern times with practical, no nonsense guidance, simple tools and a huge dollop of love and compassion to help people navigate through unsettling times of change.

Helen is also a funeral and wedding celebrant where she combines all of her knowledge and wisdom, wrapped up in a bow of love and compassion to bring you her Heart Centred Ceremonies.

Helen loves to create and birth new ideas into the world, she has created her bespoke Divorce and Breakup Ceremonies to help couples or individuals disconnect on a mental, emotional and spiritual level so they can move forwards in successful relationships with others.

Life is a journey, not a destination you get to and stay there.

We are always co-creating our reality each and every moment, learn to embrace it and enjoy life for all it brings.