“I had had a pretty rough year when I had initially gone to see Helen. I had tackled the challenges I had faced well but had been left feeling a bit tender. Helens Soul Guidance sessions are different from anything I had experienced before, the only thing I can liken them too are a cross between reiki and a reading.

She really tuned into me and the things that had been happening for me and through this was able to channel energy healing for me along with verbal guidance on the way I was dealing with my issues . 

I felt a change within 24hours, with the anxious feeling in my chest lifting . I was more aware of the people and situations that were affecting me in both a good and bad way and through this I have been able to make changes which have been very beneficial to me .

I have had healing from Helen both face to face and over the internet and have felt the benefits equally both ways. “

Angela – Manchester

” When I had a Soul Guidance Session with Helen, I was feeling really unhappy at work which was affecting my relationship and life in general. During the session Helen was accurate in how I was feeling and gave some practical tools to apply daily that helped me to feel better and also navigate through the changes that were coming for me. This meant me leaving my job with a financial settlement I could never have imagined and walking into a job that is perfect for me one week later. She even helped me revise my CV and prep for interview, really going above and beyond. I have been much more positive and am already making small changes in my life which are making me feel better, see things differently and getting rid of all the rubbish that made me feel crap!! Would totally recommend a session with Helen “

Raewyn Mapstone – Australia

I can highly and thoroughly recommend Helen Butler and her Intuitive Guidance sessions (and indeed all her programes and workshops). When I had the session with Helen, it was at a time of change and transition for me as I was gong through some major life changes. Its as though Helen speaks to your own Soul and expresses whats happening for you for you at a deeper level and also what will help you in moving forward, which might I add may not necessarily be what you want or think you need but in my personal experience she was absolutely correct!  The session really helped me navigate through a diffcult period and for that I am eternally grateful.Thank you Helen!  Amanda Boyd, Co. Tyrone

Helen worked with me to help answer troubling questions of how to move forward with a highly personal dilemma and how to resolve a painful relationship.

She created a quiet, safe and warm healing space in which I felt comfortable working on such private issues. Initially, we spent several minutes in contemplation and quiet as she connected with my energy. She then proceeded to lead me through a process of reading the stones, then a reading of the leaves to bring clarity to my dilemmas.

Ever so gently, Helen accurately identified blocks and healing necessary to reach my goals. She offered  me possibilities how to take the next steps ensuring success along my path. Helen was spiritually connected, yet grounded and focused, as she offered her compassionate guidance to attain the best outcome for my highest good.

I highly recommend Helen for offering unique techniques for gaining clarity from confusion and lasting healing from heartache. I am enjoying greater success and peace from integrating her insights into my daily life.

And, I am looking forward to future sessions with her!  Leigh Straub, Sedona Arizona 


The shamanic healing day, was another amazing workshop facilitated by Helen. This was a truly magical day which involved a power animal retrieval, connecting with mother earth in the local park, some tai chi in a park, drumming & a general healing session. I love working with Helen as she is so geniune, positive, empathic & a fountain of knowledge. I went into shock after having some healing (major healing & big shifts going on). Helen made time afterwards to make sure I was ok & I had a 1-1 chat with her afterwards. The healing I recieved that day was immense & was the start of an amazing transformation for me. Again this was about letting go of the past, & I released a lot of emotions this day. I hadn’t cried for years as I was unable to. I had a lot of emotions ready to come out & the healing I recieved this day was the start of this journey for me. The drumming was very powerful. Helen did some drumming at first & then we did some drumming on a 1-1 basis then as a group. It was so nice to connect with nature, connecting with the trees, mother earth & nature. I really enjoyed the tai chi & connecting with the beautiful energies outside. I can not wait to book on another workshop with Helen & I would highly recommended it. Louise Whitwell – Lancashire 

i have never experienced a shamanic healing before, and was amazed at the effectiveness of helens healing. As an empathetic person I can sometimes struggle with the new energies the full moon bring in, and arrived feeling rather low and deflated having experienced many feeling of anxiety over the past week or so. I warmed right away to Helen, and found her supportive, kind, genuine and experienced in her trade. I left the healing session feeling rejuvenated, clear and calm. That feeling has stayed with me for over a week, and provided me with a strong platform to touch in with myself when feelings of worry arise. If Helen was staying in Melbourne for longer I would have tried to organise follow-up sessions with her.  Poppy Ridley – Australia 

You can immediately feel the warmth from Helen when you meet her; I was welcomed in to a sacred space and instantly felt like I was in the right place.  The new moon workshop was a thorough journey with body and mind and that’s what set this workshop apart from others.  I enjoyed settling in to that lovely, safe space through my body first with Helen’s guidance.  I didn’t realise Helen’s shamanic skills until we were well and truly in to it, and I loved that she had messages to share with me.  Thank you Helen, Big Love xo  Melissa Molnar – Australia 

Helen is a brilliant healer. I received healing sessions involving energy work with her for my physical conditions. My experience after the sessions was one of complete rest and restoration. I would definitely return to her for more.  Sabina Hussain – GP, London

Following a very prolonged and stressful period in my life and many failed attempts at getting myself onto a positive footing I decided to look at different options and services that may help me achieve this. I contacted Helen to ask about her service and also whether or not it may be suitable for a person in my situation.. I had become unconfident, low in mood and suffered from almost non existent self worth and low self esteem. Following a very in-depth chat Helen suggested a program of coaching, and healing to gradually improve my outlook, the way I viewed situations and other people’s perceptions of me as a person. In addition I was given thought process exercises and personal trigger phrases to use between sessions. Almost immediately I started to feel a better person and more positive. As time has gone by since the onset of my sessions with Helen I have become stronger in character, tackling situations that had totally phased me in the past with positivitey and strength. My changing outlook on life has and is continuing to have a very positive effect on me and the people around me. Helen, your service has undoubtedly provided a breakthrough in me developing myself as a more confident, stronger and happier person. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.
Tony Ashley-McHale

I had a series of Shamanic healing sessions with Helen, at a time where my energy levels were depleted and frustration levels high! Although I had been trying to meditate and find some sort of relaxation, I had not felt that level of deep peace that I experienced with Helen for almost a year. She was able to bring my energies back into balance and it felt awesome. Helen is also particularly adept at talking with her clients and uses her own life experience and intuitive skills to help people address issues around the “human ego”. She is able to help the client try to re-balance the ego with the more spiritual aspects of themselves. A person of total integrity, honesty and only the highest intentions. Would recommend in a heart beat
J. Gore, Manchester, UK 

Divine Feminine Workshops

I enrolled on the Feminine and Fabulous course not really knowing what to expect. Helen is supportive, her knowledge, love, integrity and joy for life have made it truly transformational… I have learnt to get in touch with part of myself that has been buried very deeply. I will continue to practice the exercises that we learnt.

Thank you Helen for all the wonderful lessons and assisting my growth. I look forward to working with you again.

Angela Hobbs – UK

Helen is an inspiring young lady whos Feminine and Fabulous workshops helped me to set free a feminine radiance within me that had long since laid dormant. It enable me to embrace my natural feminine essence which helped me to increase my confidence, begin to express myself, improve my relationship with my partner and generally to value myself whereas previously I had not. Even on tough days I could still feel feminine and access a state of peace, love and joy which helped me to flow more rather than getting stressed and frustrated. Helen empowered each and every woman in the class with a truly magical experience and the joy of feeling more confident and radiant.
Lou Booth – UK

I went to Helen’s sessions with an open mind and curiosity. I didn’t really know what they were about but something made me want to go!
From the first week Helen was very welcoming, very supportive and explained things in a way we could understand. She was very careful to make sure that we were comfortable with the exercises and that we understood how it was working.
I found that I responded to the course in a very positive way and that I started to tap in to my own feminine power very quickly, bringing it out in a creative way. I was already working on crafts and drawing and painting, but a bit unsure about marketing and that was blocking me. I suddenlyfound that I was moving forward, my website got finished, I booked stalls to sell my hand made smudging feathers, started to write poetry which I haven’t done for years and as a direct result of one of the meditations I am now creating a set of “chakra pictures” for meditation and inspiration, which I will be printing sets of.
I can’t thank Helen enough for giving me that kick start and understanding I needed to move me forward on a path I had already started, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of doing the course!
Julia K.Emerson – UK 

I found the evening to be a refreshing surprise even though I went with no real expectations. We were a small group of ladies who found supporting techniques from Helen that were empowering, engaging and delivered in a way that was honest, humorous, and with no loss of dignity. I am looking forward to the rest of the sessions.
Denise Nelson