What is this?

Cacao is a sacred medicinal plant, according to the aztecs cacao or Theobroma cacao means Food of the Gods.  

The medicinal healing benefits of cacao have been indicated to be increased mood, libido, improved protection against cardio vascular disease, reduce the risk of heart attack or strokes, reduce the risk of high blood pressure and even cancer.

Personally it can contribute to increased focus, energy levels and creativity.

Overall, it is a real “love” plant that helps open the heart and make a deeper connection to self creating an improved sense of bliss and wellbeing.

During a ceremony, we create the sacred space to work with the plant in mind, body and spirit.

Healing sounds will be used which can include rattles and drums as well as chanting and vibrational sound work to connect with the plant and facilitate maximum healing benefits.

Who is this for:

ANYONE who is ready to connect with their heart and soul.

NB: Due to chemical properties of the cacao it is not suitable for those taking anti-depressant medication or those with high blood pressure or high risk of heart attack/disease.  Please check google and your medication first.

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