What to do when you feel shit!


How easy it is to when life is great, to feel love, joy and happiness. The date calls, the relationship is wonderful, our business is successful, our health is great, children are happy. Life is just all love, light and lollipops.

Then it changes and this can happen in an instant. Maybe the man doesn’t call as expected – does this trigger you? The dream relationship isn’t so dreamy afterall, he doesn’t take out the trash, spend enough time with you, is emotionally detached etc.   The clients don’t turn up, bills are unpaid. The credit card bill arrives.

We are triggered and we react. Oh no, its doom and gloom, the sky is falling down.   Within us we can feel rejected, abandoned, angry, confused and fear can kick in. The gremlins begin to talk and sometimes take over that space we had been in of love, joy and bliss.

This is what I am aware of in myself at the moment. When I feel good, I feel good and it is all too easy for me to be swayed by others energy, the media, something not going my way and I’m in that slump of negativity, when is this ever going to change? The gremlins are now active and the mind chatter begins!

To experience more love in my life is something that I have had to work hard at and continue to do.  Here are my tips for feeling the love, even when things aren’t that great.

Love is our inherent birthright. It is within us all. We do not need others to access this and can tap into our abundant source whenever we choose.

Have awareness of your triggers. What makes you feel good and what doesn’t? What is happening and what emotions surface? Remember you are not your emotions and happiness is only a temporary emotion.

Have a daily spiritual practice to connect with your heart – through bringing in feelings of love. Meditation. Gratitude. Exercise. Doing the things that make you feel good.

Get present – Notice what is around you, what can you see, what can you smell, what can you hear, what can you taste. Spend a few minutes being present and being aware.

Be grateful – Spend a few moments to show the gratitude you have for who you are. The amazing qualities you have. What you already have in your life. It gives you a different perspective and lifts your focus out of your current slump.

Cultivate heart connection and love especially for yourself. Imagine what fills your with love, could be a person, a place, art, animals. What brings those feelings of love to your heart? Take some moments to connect with this feeling.

Embrace how you feel now – no judgement – sometimes, I just have to give in and say in this moment, I feel shit, that didn’t feel good and I’m having a 5 minute pity party.

Do something for another – giving is a great way to activate the heart, make a connection and increase our feel good factor feelings.

No matter what is going on for you right now, take some time to cultivate the connection to your heartIt is so needed in the world right now. The vibration of love energy has the power to lift that of many around us.  It is needed in the world right now.

See what difference that makes to your day


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    amanda says

    So true Helen things can change in an instant. These are great reminders of the joy that also can be found in any moment, thank you!

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