What are your niggles telling you?

Herre I am with my first ever blogpost on the Helen Butler site and boy was it scary even thinking about putting this out there.  Why?  Because my mind kicked in and the gremlins started with all the negative chatter about people wont like it, your talking about the moon cycles, your sat in your garden, its not very professional or business like or corporate speak and thats not what people talk about in corporate.

Do any of you experience this?  When I sat with it, I loved making this video, I love the way I’m totally naturally and the message comes from the heart.  So its very me.  As one of my core values is about truth and honesty then if something comes from the heart and if I an inspired to take the action, then I must go with that, no matter how much my mind kicks in with the excuses.

So heres my little video blog for you, today is the new moon and for those of you that are not into moon cycles, they are an amazing time for setting new intentions, for really saying YES, I want this and taking small steps towards achieving them, it also helps that blocks to achieving that change are revealed.  This can be the niggles I am talking about, so pay attention.

Please comment or ask questions if you want to know more


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    fi says

    This is cool, so there could be another reason to know why?! I have just been sat this afternoon, after an appointment i had at the hospital spending time trying to work out which plates i could keep spinning! Could i juggle instead or change to a new one or keep it going lightly in the background while starting up another kind of thing, then get it back in the mix after the next few missions completed!?! Ive never done a blog thing before so there you are, a comment for you and your new venture – looks great by the way & so cool to see you again! x

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