Helen TV – Wisdom of the Elders

This week is the anniversary of my beloved Grandma’s passing and as a tribute to her and something I feel is really important in our society is The Wisdom of the Elders.  

I was privileged to do the eulogy for my grandma and I realised how much wisdom there is in the elderly and how we do not tap into this and how sometimes those old fashioned ways are important even in modern times.  It is time for us to bring that wisdom back, if not it will be lost forever.

I am curious as to how to bring back ancient wisdom be it from the elderly, ancient cultures and traditions and use them in modern day life.  While we cannot go backwards, there has to be balance and there is much wisdom that we will lose if we do not listen, if we do not connect with those older and wiser than us and we continue with the disconnected society that we live it.

Sometimes, a phone call, stopping to say hello, listening to someone’s stories can make a difference to someone else’s day, but it also connects us properly as people, instead of via email, text message, social media sites.  We have to sit, listen, be present, help, support and take action together.  I find it uplifting to be around the right people and I know my Grandma used to find it uplifting when I visited.

Watch this weeks episode of Helen TV, my tribute to my Grandma and Grandad and the way they lived their lives.









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    Laura says

    What wisdom you are demonstrating by calling this out, Helen! How might we re-integrate the elders into our society so we also have the benefit of their living wisdom? Bless you for speaking this.

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      habutler says

      Laura, thanks for your comment. The wisdom is two fold, firstly, those who have lived before us both this lifetime and others have much to share. They have walked the path, some things worked and some things didn’t. They can share this. The Elders have so much to offer and it is often as they get older we are beginning to forget this. There are trades being lost, skills being lost and connection and community being lost. All of which the elders had. Ancient wisdom is not just about the elderly it is also about times gone by. How can we bring back this ancient wisdom and use it in modern times, in balance with life. We are losing something so precious and also forgetting our elders in this fast paced world.

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