Helen TV – Is it time for a new job?

Welcome to the first episode of Helen TV, for people who want to reclaim their power, stand in that power as the leader that they are and bring their best self into the world and SHINE their light as only they know how.

This episode looks at what you can do when you do not like your job or you think you don’t?

Its the new year, you may have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break and now OH DEAR, those Monday morning blues are hitting and its time to go back to work.  For some it may just be habit to say, oh goodness its Monday, for others, it could be a feeling of dread and anxiety and even wishing you could be struck down by the lurgy or just curl up in bed and not get up.  Are these signs that it’s time to get a new job?

Watch this video and see whether its time for you to get a new job and small steps you can take to move you in the direction of getting the job you want and deserve.

I don’t love my job


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    Wendy Loudon says

    Hi Helen,

    Just wanted to say : EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love x

    • Reply
      habutler says

      Thanks for the comment Wendy, glad it was helpful

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    Amanda says

    Great advice as always Helen, thank you!

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      habutler says

      Thanks for the comment Amanda

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