Are you feeling on a hamster wheel of survival?

Maslows hierarchy of needs states that at the base level, we have a need for food, shelter, warmth and I also believe to be able to manage fear when it arises. In this world we live in today, those basic needs seem to have expanded and we live out a desire nature where we want more, we want a new car, we want a new and bigger house, we want more clothes, we need that holiday, we need the relationship, we need the job, we need the promotion, we need to prove ourselves as worthy, we need to work more, do more and have more. Whereas fear was a literal threat to our life, fear is now, not having these things, losing a job, conflict, not being liked and the list can go on.

Our survival then seems to depend on having more and being enough and there seems to be this constant desire to achieve it, however, we never seem to get to that point of really feeling like we have enough and that fear is there in the background.

How does this translate in practical terms – money, job security, being competitive in the office environment, playing safe, not speaking up incase we threaten any of the above, staying in a job because it pays, tolerating bullying because there seems no other option. As a result of this, our energy may rise upwards, we get caught up in knowledge, in spirituality, in fantasyland and in fear. Not honouring ourselves making changes that our soul is crying out for out of fear of loss, fear of lack, fear of rejection, fear of being outcast. Also, not really making our mark in this world by being fully present.

What I have found most recently, it is important that we do not ignore our base needs and understand that our survival mechanism has maybe got a little out of hand as to what we feel is a threat to our survival and what really is necessary to survive. Having those base needs met provides the foundations for our life here on earth and gives us a sense of being home and being supported. Would we build a house on quick sand or in thin air? Probably not, so let us not ignore the creation of these strong foundations.

Our base survival relates to the base chakra and it may be that this is closed or unhealed and this can relate to feeling ungrounded, feeling unsafe, not feeling supported. We are like trees with little or no roots, easily tossed around in life and clinging to stay upright. This may show up in our lives when we get fearful, we can get anxious, we can get frantic and scattered in our activities, we can get caught up in our head and looking to either challenge or avoid the potential threat, we have to figure it out, know what to do, find a solution to the problem. We have basically gone into fight or flight, which has an effect on our overall health and wellbeing. This can affect our decision making abilities, our mood, the way we interact and treat others, and can manifest in disEASE in the body.

When our base chakra is open, when we are feeling balanced and harmonised in this area, we experience more trust in life, we experience the joys of manifestation, our energy levels are increased. We become more solid, more dependable, more efficient and more practical, particularly with things like money, with decision making, with taking inspired action.

Here are my tips to help strengthen the base chakra and bring in a stronger foundation and sense of safety, apply these as well as remembering to breathe and I mean breathe properly, not the rapid shallow breathe that most of us do when we are in fight or flight. The breathing right into the belly, the feeling of having your feet firmly planted on the floor, the feeling of that breathe going all the way around your body and the feeling of breathing into your power centre (I have youtube videos on this).

  1. Get out in nature and connect, go for a walk, stand by a tree, be aware, notice the trees, the plants, feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. If you live in a city, there are always parts, there are trees in the streets, go and stand by one. Just get outside and connect with the earth.
  2. Start squatting!! No I don’t mean while you go to the toilet. Just adopt the pose, it gets your base area nearer to the earth. While you are in this position just ask to connect with the energy of the earth and breathe it upwards from your feet.
  3. Do something that you find nurturing, this could be a massage, reading a book, having a pamper session or maybe you just need a hug or someone to hold your hand.
  4. Notice the smells around you. Yes the nose is connected to the base chakra, so begin to heighten your sense of smell. Maybe use aromatherapy oils, cook your favourite meal.
  5. Reach out for support in areas of your life where if you were honest you feel you need it and be open to receive it.  You may have to ask for help especially if others see you as super independent and self sufficient, they may always think you are OK.
  6. Begin to trust and have faith in yourself, that you are looked after, that you can make decisions and that you will be OK and that you do have a choice. This may take incremental steps with small things, but make the small steps to trust and then watch it gain momentum.


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    Beth Ann says

    Wonderful tips Helen!

    I am feeling more grounded and held by simply taking in your loving message.

    And yes, I agree, I am finding much healing, grounding and peace in finding the okayness to let myself cry really fully more than ever before for the sad child self and allow myself to be physically held and caressed.

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